Coheed & Cambria w/ Thank You Scientist @ Stubbs BBQ, Austin TX 09.16.2014

300ish Word Experience:
The day was cloudy, a particular nice one I imagine for those who stood outside hours for the sold out show.
Coheed & Cambria, with support from Thank You Scientist held a sold out show at Austin’s famous Stubb’s BBQ. I walked up about 15 minutes after doors opened - the music was already starting by the time I had got to the gate (there was still a crowd of us waiting in line at the door.) Whoever scheduled this show probably isn’t in favor of punk time.

I was entirely surprised by the supporting act - Thank You Scientist. I was excited with how many people they had on stage (6). It was technical, catchy, and commanding. They were all interacting with the crowd, and feeding off the energy from the 2005 wave hands, singing, and applause. I may have been moved to dance at some parts, myself.
It certainly wasn’t like whoever opened for fall out boy in 2013 (which becomes relevant as these are the only two outside shows I’ve seen at Stubbs.)

While I was looking for a dividing line through the crowd, to get access to the photo pit - I was stopped at different occasions by other photographers. One asked how I snuck my camera in - I don’t look like the type of person to shoot shows apparently. The other one showed me his instagram and took my business card. Thanks for the comments guys, hopefully I’ll see you with your camera next time. Finally I reach the photo pit - I’ve politely asked, or scooted around about 64 people at this point. The security guy is real friendly, so is this other show photographer ?Yannie?. We chain smoke cigarettes for the next 30 minutes, exchange small talk, and are told from security that we should watch out for crowd surfers because they may hit us while we’re taking photos on the first three songs. There’s a phone on stage that starts ringing, the crowd stops yelling coheed, and I’m probably blocking the view for some girl in the front row. Oops. I stood there for a bit after taking a photo out of gut reaction. I thought “What do we remember?” When these three songs are over, what part of the experience stands out? Why do I remember the surroundings, more so than the actions that took place? I came to the conclusion that today, we are bombarded with stimulation. When recounting the past, I can only share my experience. I quit taking photos and just observe, the lights are beautiful jolts dancing along to the guitars. I come back to reality, noticing a security guard pulling off a crowd surfer behind me. I continue shooting the final song. Some other things happened that I don’t remember as I was shooting. The third song ends and while I leave the photo pit it starts to rain on me. Experience wise, 8.2 / 10 would go again without a camera.

Images and photos by Austin lifestyle photographer Andrew Dominguez - www.andrewdominguez

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